Mentor Modules

About Mentor Modules

Taking your skills and projects to the next level

Mentor Modules are open studio workshops for all types of content creators. From Comic Book Creation to Practical Make-up Effects; mentor modules are \ an opportunity to work on your project and receive "real time" and active feedback from working professionals and peers in attendance.

Mentor modules are collaborative studio spaces that enable the exchange of research, knowledge, and technical practices; exercises are based on real-world assignments.

Mentor modules come in all shapes, sizes, and forms, from learning the fundamentals to the advanced. Nothing is out of bounds. Some modules include; storytelling, character design, working with scripts, inking - traditional (with brushes and dip pens) and digital - (computer techniques), figure drawing, sketchbook practice, prop-making and group critiques and much more.

Whether collaborating virtually or during a live class, you'll be surrounded by a tight-knit community of students, faculty, and working professionals. Together, you'll be encouraged and supported as you hone your skills or develop new ones.

Mentoring Opportunities

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