Original Comic Art Gallery

Original Comic Art Gallery

The mission of the iCons Original Gallery of Comic Art is to sponsor exhibits that serve a national role by preserving, collecting, exhibiting, and fostering the understanding of works of sequential artists at the highest possible museum and scholarly standards.

Our goals:

The Gallery's principal duty is to keep its collections and the facilities that house them intact and in optimum condition for future generations. To carry out this responsibility, the Gallery maintains effective programs of security, environmental control, buildings maintenance, and conservation.
The Gallery limits its active art collecting primarily to the sequential arts, including but not limited to; paintings, sculptures, works of art on paper, and new media originating in Europe and the United States from to past to the present. Trustee policy allows the Gallery to accept, in addition, other significant works of art in conjunction with major donations in the primary areas of the Gallery's collections.
The Gallery is dedicated to putting its collections on view by loan as well as borrowing works of art for exhibition. Because its collecting field is narrow when seen in the context of art, the Gallery strives to supplement its own works with exhibitions of material from other times and cultures. Simultaneously, balance is sought with exhibitions that illuminate and reinforce its own collections. The highest standards of scholarship, maintenance, installation, and interaction with the public all contribute to this critical exhibiting role.
Fostering Understanding
The Gallery's role as an institution dedicated to fostering an understanding of the sequential arts. From advanced research conducted by its curators, conservators, and at its Center for Advanced Study in the Visual Arts to the dissemination of knowledge to visitors and to the widest possible online audiences, the Gallery seeks to educate. The Gallery reaches out to students of all ages and to the general public through informed publications on its collections and exhibitions and an array of educational programs, films, and online initiatives. It acquires both print and digital publications, photographic images, and other research materials related to its collections and to the history and appreciation of art in general; and it makes these resources available online or by appointment through the library, gallery archives, and curatorial records. The Gallery recognizes that both the dissemination of information and the enhancement of the aesthetic experience are essential to fostering understanding of the sequential arts.

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